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We have a comprehensive database identifying the myriads of models and derivatives in the market today.  We use a series of data providers linking the Vehicle Registration Mark to our Glass’s model codes enabling us to precisely identify each model  and any options information. These observations are fed through a statistical model to provide highly accurate trade and retail values.

We produce values covering vehicles going back 40 years for cars, motorcycles and caravans, commercial vehicles and marine, which are all available in our digital products.

This is calculated by our valuation engine based on high volumes of trade observations from the wholesale market and statistical market analysis combined with editorial expertise.

We have produced a series of algorithms, based upon the sales data that we get from various sources to produce each of the Above Average, Average, & Below Average, valuation sets. These algorithms are modified every month and for every sector (e.g. small, MPV, Convertible) using the graded prices we receive from all sources.

Our valuations closely reflect the market movements in both Trade and Retail markets.  These may vary due to multiple market influences on a monthly basis.

POA means the price is available upon application to the manufacturer and NSD is when the data available is not sufficient enough for a value to be provided.

To offer the best possible service and products we only support the latest versions of the most popular operating systems and web browsers.

Data will be updated by the 28th of each month and available in your Secure FTP folder.

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