Impress your clients with class-leading market intelligence around the automotive industry

Whether you’re pitching to a client, auditing or performing due diligence, find new angles in your analyses and offer a better value to your clients by enriching your portfolio with our trusted market intelligence and data.

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Trusted data sources

Explain forecasts and appraisals with confidence using exact data from manufacturer-approved sources.

Daily industry insights

Explore industry trends and residual value developments with data that’s updated daily for enhanced accuracy.

Improved portfolio planning

Instantly see what’s selling, how fast and at what price – maximise your consultation value.

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Improve your pitch with data-driven insights

Don’t rely on sub-par market share projections and off-the-web forecasts. Get hold of the exact data and demonstrate your prowess to prospective clients.

The accuracy of our data is driven through robust methodology combined with state-of-the-art statistical algorithms:

  • Highly accurate market share and volume data to understand how brands perform in the market
  • Reliable Total Cost of Ownership data on an intuitive platform, so you can simulate values and determine the most cost-friendly vehicles – and subsequently segments
  • Residual value intelligence and monitoring – stay on top of developing trends and leverage this information towards your pitches, reliably assessing your clients’ risk position


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Offer stronger consultations to manufacturers

Enrich your understanding of why models are over- or under-performing. Find new angles for improving performance and advise manufacturers accordingly:

  • Benchmark residual values with competing models to identify gaps and improve on them
  • Improve volume and portfolio planning with reliable registration data
  • Explore different technologies and trending cell chemistry with our data on batteries


Carry out due diligence with greater confidence

During appraisals, auditors need access to up-to-date information to assess risks – especially for companies with large asset risks on their books.

Use our data to improve your level of service, backing your findings up to impress your clients.

Why automotive professionals trust our data

Our data is independent of any auto-sector stakeholders, reliably covering 99% of vehicles with market-leading detail and accuracy.

Discover what else makes Glass’s the right choice for automotive professionals.

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Access all areas

Use our marketing trends and tracking data to:

  • Decipher the complex residual value market at a glance
  • View residual trends across many European countries
  • Obtain raw data and analysis that will help you perfect your pitches
  • Enrich your due diligences with crucial perspectives on vehicle asset risk positions
  • Use our data and insights to inform your business strategy and win

Rely on proven expertise

Our industry-best methodologies and valuations data techniques have evolved over the past 80 years. We publish our accuracy figures each month for total transparency.

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Data Feeds & APIs

All the data you need throughout the entire lifecycle of a vehicle, on your terms.


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