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5 reasons to choose Glass's

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Because the right decision drives business growth.

Our global story started back in 1933. With research techniques refined over three generations, Glass’s trusted data and services give you what you need to not only compete but also thrive.  Drawing on our legacy, people, data, analytics and methodologies, we are in a unique position to help you make decisions that protect your profit margins.

We help you uncover new opportunities; make sense of the increasingly challenging automotive market and secure your future. Thousands of decisions are taken each day based on our data and intelligence.

We are proud of what we do. To achieve such exceptional results, we ensure our Glass’s data and solutions are always:

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1. Accurate

We draw on several credible sources to create our own independent valuations. This unique approach means we offer trusted and complete overviews of market activities and conditions that are not skewered or biased. Discover more about our class-leading accuracy here.

2. Independent

We remain independent and impartial because Glass’s is not affiliated with any auto sector stakeholders – unlike many of our competitors. This means you can always be confident our data is driven by credible, authoritative research, not vested interests or single sources.

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3. Accessible

We continually develop our data sets and solutions to be intuitive and easy to use, helping you make important business decisions more quickly and decisively.

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4. Intelligent

Globally, we employ a team of nearly 400 automotive specialists made up of editors, data scientists and thought leaders. By combining their expertise with statistical analysis, our methodologies and AI, we offer the most reliable pricing insights available on a daily basis.

5. Individual

We provide data and market insights that cover the entire automotive lifecycle from vehicle design to disposal, tailored to your individual business needs. We offer our solutions in a format that complements, serves and optimises your work processes.

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Please note we are unable to respond to requests from private individuals about vehicle valuations.

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Please note that we can offer our products and services to business customers only. A Glass’s employee will contact you personally and explain the Glass’s products and services to you. The processing of your personal data is based on Article 6 paragraph 1 point b) and point f) GDPR as described in the Glass’s Privacy Policy.