Manage vehicle asset risks from sourcing to selling

From buying cars and absorbing their asset risk to optimising de-fleeting decisions, we provide accurate data and insight to guide your decisions every step of the way and help prevent the costly errors of misinformation.

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Pricing and specification

Quickly identify vehicles, equipment and hundreds of technical features using our simple VIN-lookup tool.

Valuations and forecasts

Pinpoint critical trends before they happen with on-target forecasting and reliable stock, sales and regional variation data.

Service, maintenance and repair

Avoid expensive surprises with a detailed view of your fleet’s current and projected costs throughout each vehicle’s lifecycle.

New vehicle sales and in-fleeting

Load accurate and granular specification data – including build rules – into your client-facing multi-brand configurators, offering your customers the best-in-class User Experience.

  • Comprehensive data feed, covering 99 per cent of all new vehicles on the market, including EVs and hybrids
  • Detailed technical specifications, for compliance with corporate car policy
  • Standardised format across all major European markets for greater consistency and flexibility
  • Raw data that can easily be integrated into your systems so your don’t have to use other platforms (available as data feed or API)
  • Regular updates available (up to 24/7) for enhanced accuracy

Risk Management and controlling

Set and monitor your portfolio’s risk position at multiple points and respond to potential pitfalls at any given moment.

At the outset

Set the risk position on vehicles across markets at the outset using cross-border Residual Value Forecast and SMR data – mitigating end of term risk, while improving commercial performance.

  • Assign realistic Residual Values at the start of the contract with accurate forecasts – improve your margins
  • Understand multi-country Residual Value trends at a segment/body type level to adjust in-fleeting and de-fleeting strategies
  • Predict operating costs for service, wear and tear for efficient planning – avoid budget-breaking surprises and untimely costs

Valuation and forecast api




During the contract

Perform inventory assessments any time from any device, leveraging industry-leading data to identify, analyse and manage potential risk at every stage.

  • Use our reliable VIN service to accurately verify vehicles
  • Calculate precise valuations, including depreciation of optional extras
  • Generate up-to-date evaluations and forecasts



End-of-lease vehicle strategy and used-car sales

Make data-driven remarketing and selling decisions at the end of the leasing contract.

Fleet of white LCVs


Access harmonised cross-border data to maximise the remarketing potential of your fleet.

  • Easily determine the best course of disposal action for vehicles taken off-lease, whether to de-fleet or transition into used-car leasing
  • Support customers with extensions depending on the attractiveness of the used-car from a remarketing perspective
  • Calculate the point of equity/parity to increase vehicle turnover

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vin specification

Vin specification


Used-car sales

Get instant – and highly accurate – used-car valuations presented on a clear, easy-to-use interface.

  • Benchmark regional used-car values to gain the competitive advantage in your local market
  • Review attractiveness of offers any time, anywhere to adjust pricing, reflecting changes in the market and policy

Identification and valuation solutionI



Why fleet & finance professionals trust our data

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Ace risk management

Our current market quotations and residual value forecasts help you to:

  • Select the right vehicle and equipment to meet your own and your clients’ requirements
  • Establish the optimal risk position for each vehicle and the entire portfolio
  • Adjust your in-fleeting and de-fleeting strategy using our data and insight on current and upcoming sector trends affecting residual values
  • Accurately recalculate your fleet’s value on a regular basis

Build your configurator

Use our data to build proposals for your clients. We provide used car and forecast values, as well as specification data, which we can feed into your configurator systems. This helps support your risk management process, including technical invoice checks.