Transition to SFTP delivery – what you need to know

Everything you need to make the transition to more secure delivery of data via SFTP.

Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)

We are committed to ensuring our products continue to create value and limit future risks – not just to our business, but to yours too.

In light of recent data incidents across Australia – costing businesses millions of dollars each year – we have carefully considered how we deliver our data to you in an attempt to minimise your risk exposure. We will be delivering your data via a Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) set up.

Your SFTP checklist

  • You will be sent SFTP details from
  • Check you are using the required software – see our software requirements below
  • Check the data files you receive align with the notification letter you have received from Glass’s
  • Confirm we have the correct SFTP email for your delivery when details are sent to you

Data file delivery

Useful dates

Data file deliveries happen on the following dates each week or month, unless there is a public holiday when delivery will be next working day:​

  • Weekly data files are delivered by close of business on Mondays. ​
  • Monthly data files delivered on no later than 28th of the month. ​

Secure FTP software requirements and set up

  • SFTP-capable client: WinSCP, BitKinex, Filezilla, etc
  • FTP port: 22
  • FTP protocol: SFTP

The FTP location link shown below will not be opened by all browsers. We recommend using WinSCP. Install it using the defaults and supply it with the information below and you will have a window to our FTP server where you can click and drag your files to your PC.

Secure FTP connection information

Enter your customer number and company.

  • FTP location:
  • FTP logon: Sent to you by
  • FTP password: Set up from the email we’ve sent you
  • FTP mode: PASV

Help and support

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Customer Experience Team

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